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Future Batteries

Enext brings a breakthrough high-capacity safe battery materials to disrupt the battery industry


Our Products


* Anode Materials
* Safe / Drop-in-Replacement / High-Performance


* Anode Materials
* Solid-State Battery Materials
*  High-Capacity / Safe / Green / Drop-in-Replacement / Cost-Effective


* Anode Materials
*Solid-State Battery Materials
* High-Capacity / Safe / Green / Cost-Effective


Enext-A electrode: No brokage or smoke.
Commercial graphite electrode: Burning and smoke.

No Burning
No Smoke
No Brokage


Safe, High-Capacity, Green

1000 mAh/g, Reduce 50% in Battery Size

Miniaturize/re-shape your battery form factor

Solid State Battery

Compatible with solid state battery naturally

Simple Process


1000°C Stable

Superior for battery safety/thermally-stability naturally

Reduce 65% in Cost

Reduce your battery cost from materials-wise

Green and Earth-Abundant

Save the earth and easy to get

About us

Enext Technology Co, Ltd., a breakthrough safe battery material supplier to disrupt battery industry, provides innovative materials for future batteries, especially for safe, green, high-performance, and cost-effective lithium ion and solid-state batteries. The technologies were self-developed and patent-protected, with funding support by Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).


Delivers innovative solutions to customers

Featuring high-capacity, high thermal-stability, green, earth-abundant,  environmental-friendly and solid-state-battery compatible, Enext electrode materials provide Safe, High-performance, Green, Drop-in-replacement, and cost-effective advantages to our lithium ion battery and solid-state battery customers.


Delivers innovative solutions to customers

Material Shape A Better World

Company Profile

* Nov. 6, 2019 – Enext Technology Co, Ltd is founded and as a spin-off from National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU), Hsinchu, Taiwan. Company is located at Center of Innovative Incubator, NTHU.
* Sep. 15, 2021 – Angel-round raising $550K USD  to set-up the fab for Enext-A product sampling to battery customers

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